1 Walham Green Court, SW6 2DH, London


Our pizza speaks for itself. No story here. We make proper pizza. Once you try, you will understand! Our Roman pizza is thin & crispy. The edges are charred. This is how we bake it. Our Sicilian is a focaccia style pizza prepared in a similar way to Sicilian Grandmothers' sfincione in the 1800s. Our calzones are folded pizza stuffed with ingredients that harmonize.

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 5PM - 10PM


Best pizza I’ve probably ever eaten in London. We had a piccante which was nice and spicy and a Capricciosa. The prices are really reasonable too. Added a bottle of house white wine, it was from Sicily, light and lovely. The restaurant is small but clean, comfortable, cosy, intimate. Staff are friendly, helpful and just attentive enough. - Linda

Absolutely AMAZING pizza. THE BEST I have ever had. The dough just melts into your mouth and the overall flavours are just yummmmm.... The price for this incredible culinary delight? Very affordable.... a steal for the quality of the food. The service was fast as well. Keep up the good work. A very happy customer! - Monica

Lived in London all my life, hands down the best pizza I ever had! Damn, I’ve even travelled Italy and have never tasted anything like this. I’m in shock! Well done guys! Thin and crispy base and travels great for delivery. So so good. Could not recommend enough! -dronjonsilver-Tripadvisor